Serhiy Pashinsky an allegedly Corrupt Ukrainian Arms Dealer Rises to Become a Leading Weapons Supplier in the Nation

 Serhiy Pashinsky

Serhiy Pashinsky, formerly a member of parliament, currently heads Ukraine's arms trade association, as reported by The New York Times on Saturday. His company, Ukrainian Armored Technology, has witnessed a remarkable surge in sales, escalating from less than $3 million prior to the conflict to hundreds of millions of dollars today.

Since February 2022, Ukrainian Armored Technology has played a pivotal role in procuring an array of munitions for deployment by Ukraine's armed forces across Europe. Remarkably, the company has emerged as one of Kyiv's most dependable suppliers throughout the ongoing war, notwithstanding Pashinsky's checkered past. Pashinsky, who had previously faced house arrest due to a road rage incident and was labeled a "criminal" by President Zelenskyy himself amid allegations of corruption, has managed to evade these controversies due to his ties with arms dealers, according to the Times.

Even Bulgaria, which refrained from selling Ukraine the necessary Soviet-era ammunition due to fears of Russian retaliation, succumbed to Pashinsky's negotiation tactics. He orchestrated an arrangement whereby the ammunition was sold to an intermediary in Poland, who then facilitated its transfer to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Armored Technology reaped substantial gains from these dealings. Its reported sales surged from a mere $2.8 million in 2021 to well over $350 million in 2022, showcasing a meteoric rise.

While the use of intermediaries may have been expedient in the early phases of the conflict, it underscores Ukraine's persistent struggle with corruption over the decades. This concern has prompted the nation's leadership to embark on renewed efforts to address the issue publicly.

The Times underscored that both Pashinsky and Ukrainian Armored Technology find themselves once again embroiled in an anti-corruption investigation. This development coincides with President Zelenskyy's decision to dismiss military officials responsible for conscription, following reports of bribery in exchange for draft exemptions. Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine is committed to charting a different course from its past.

"While the prevailing focus is understandably on defense, foreign policy, and the ongoing war," Zelenskyy stated, "this should not overshadow my awareness of and attentiveness to societal discourse at various levels, both central and regional."

Despite apprehensions about corruption within Ukraine, experts previously reassured Insider that there is no substantial evidence indicating a significant diversion of weaponry intended for the front lines to the black market.